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Rancho Cucamonga & Victorville Orthodontist Delivers Smiles

Patients in the Victorville and Rancho Cucamonga areas can benefit greatly from our orthodontist's services. Orthodontic dental care is necessary when patients have problems with malocclusion, in other words, how their jaws and teeth align. This can be due to natural development of the jaw and teeth, but in some cases, accidents can cause these types of problems, too. For patients, this can result not only in discomfort and problems with chewing, but also in a less beautiful smile and distortion of the facial features.

Rancho Cucamonga Orthodontist

A skilled and experienced orthodontist like Dr. Hattar, who is a graduate of the renowned Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California, can help improve the structural alignment of a patient's teeth with specialized dental care. The result is less discomfort, a more functional bite, an aligned jaw, teeth, and lips and - often most importantly for the patient - a beautiful smile!

Orthodontic Dental Care Procedures and Braces
in Victorville & Rancho Cucamonga

Though treatment by an orthodontist is usually started at an early age, preferably before a child turns seven, this type of dental care is no longer reserved just for children. Nowadays, adults in the Victorville and Rancho Cucamonga areas who want to improve their smiles can discuss having braces fit as well. Braces are designed to train the teeth and underlying roots into better positions and provide stronger support for the crown of the tooth. This may involve long-term orthodontic treatment to achieve the best results.

If you require orthodontic treatment, you'll undergo an extensive evaluation so Dr. Hattar can develop an accurate and effective treatment plan for you. This will most likely involve a number of steps, that may include an oral, functional and facial examination; photographs of your face and inside your mouth; X-rays; and finally, making impressions for the models of your teeth and how your jaws align. After this assessment, Dr. Hattar will estimate how many months you will need to actively wear a retainer. Usually you'll have to wear your braces for twenty-four months, but you may also have to wear them at nights only for a while longer.

Combining Orthodontics with Cosmetic Dental Care

In some cases, orthodontics can serve to improve the structural soundness of a patient's teeth, but not complete the cosmetic treatment necessary. Combining this type of care with procedures such as cosmetic dentures, teeth whitening, or dental implants can complete the additional work necessary to make your smile truly beautiful. Cosmetic dentures or dental implants can fill in for missing teeth and recreate a full set of teeth, while teeth whitening can eliminate the effects of stains due to food, drinks, or nicotine.

Patients who have been living with misaligned or missing teeth and aesthetic imperfections can greatly benefit from all of the orthodontic and cosmetic procedures we offer. Well-aligned and aesthetically attractive teeth can lead to less jaw pain or headaches, better oral health, and improved confidence. To schedule an appointment at our Rancho Cucamonga or Victorville office call us today at 760-243-3595.

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